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Privacy policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is that you as a contact person at a business customer or a potential business customer with Ehcolo A/S ("the Company") will be informed about how the company handles your personal data. The privacy policy also describes your rights in relation to us, and how you may exercise your rights. The business customers, with which the Company has a contractual relationship or with which the Company wishes to initiate a contractual relationship, are hereinafter called "the Customers". The companies, which the Company contacts and with which the Company does not have an existing or imminent customer relationship, are hereinafter called "the Potential Customers".

The Company is the data controller of the processing of the personal data collected about contacts at the Customers and the Potential Customers.
Please find the Company's contact information below.
Ehcolo A/S, company reg. no. 10859395
Smedevej 10
DK-6683 Føvling
+45 75 39 84 11
Please contact Einar Ibsen at, if you have questions to the Company’s processing of your personal data.


3.1 Customers
The Company processes the following personal data about contacts at Customers.
(a) Name
(b) Telephone number
(c) E-mail address
(d) job title
If the Customer is your own one-man business, we may also collect the following information:
(a) The company reg. no.

(b) A credit rating of your one-man business

The processing of the above personal data is necessary for the Company to satisfy the agreement with the Customer. If this information cannot be processed, the agreement with the Customer cannot be met. The information is collected from yourself and/or the Customer, whom you represent.
The company also stores the Customers' purchase history, e.g. information about the products purchased, quantity, date and price.
Version 1.1 updated May 2018
3.2 Potential Customers
The company processes information about the contacts' names, contact information and position at the Potential Customers.

4.1 Customers
1.1 Customer administration
The Company processes name and contact information to be able to complete the purchase, supply the goods to the Customer and otherwise manage the Customer’s orders and provide service to the Customer after the purchase and in addition to be able to exercise its rights and meet its obligations under the agreement with the Customer. The processing is carried out with an interest balancing as a legal basis, as the Company has a legitimate interest in being able to perform its obligations under the contract with the Customer and provide good service to the Customer.
Company registration numbers of one-man businesses are processed in connection with invoice purchases. The processing is carried out with an interest balancing as a legal basis, as the Company has a legitimate interest in being able to identify the Customer.
A credit rating of one-man businesses may be processed to enable the Company to determine the Customer's solvency. The processing is based on an interest balancing as the Company has a legitimate interest in assessing the possibilities of obtaining payment.
The above information is retained as long as it is necessary for the above purposes.

1.2 Return, warranty claims and product liability
The Company will store information about the Customer's purchase history and any correspondence and documentation about the products, which the customer has purchased. In such documentation, the contact person's name and other information about the contact person may occur. The Company will retain this documentation for as long and to the extent that it is necessary to enable the Company to provide qualified service to the Customer after the purchase and to be able to handle any complaints, warranty claims and claims under the product liability act. The information will be retained for these purposes on the basis of an interest balancing.

1.3 Direct marketing
The Company may also process your e-mail address for the purpose of direct marketing. The marketing consists in the Company’s e-mailing of newsletters and offers for products/services similar to what has previously been purchased by the one-man business or the company, in which you are employed.
The Company also wishes to e-mail you offers, which we believe are relevant to you in your profession. If you wish to receive such offers, we ask you to give your consent in the consent form for this purpose, which is available on our website. If you have given your consent for that specific purpose, the Company stores your favourite interests and e-mail address in order to send targeted marketing offers to you. The legal basis for the processing is your consent. You do at any time have the right to withdraw your consent by contacting the Company at A withdrawal does, however, not affect the legality of the Company's processing on the basis of the consent before it was withdrawn.

Newsletters and offers may be e-mailed to one-man businesses in up to twelve (12) months after the Customer's last purchase. Newsletters and offers may be e-mailed to contact persons at company customers, which are not one-man businesses, in up to twelve (10) months after the Customer's last purchase.
Newsletters and marketing e-mails will only be sent if you have not opposed to such marketing and you may at any time choose to unsubscribe from our newsletters and marketing e-mails. Please contact the Company at, or use the unsubscribe link, which can be found in all newsletters/e-mails, if you wish to unsubscribe from these.
Marketing is carried out with an interest balancing as a legal basis, as the Company has a legitimate interest in marketing its products.
4.1.4 Additionally
Notwithstanding the above, the Company may process your personal data if this is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, which according to applicable law requires processing, or for the Company to establish a legal claim, make a legal claim or defend itself against a legal claim.

The Company may transfer your personal data to:
Centex (Delivery/service of servers)
EG One (External accounting)
These receivers only have the right to process your personal data on the Company's behalf in connection with exercising a service for the Company. The Company will take all reasonable legal, technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection at the transfer to or sharing with these selected third parties.
The Company may also disclose your personal data to partners and subcontractors in connection with specific projects. Additionally to the authorities such as Skat (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration) if we are required to do so by law. If all or parts of the Company is sold, the Company may transfer your personal data to a potential buyer of the Company.

Your personal data is only processed within the EU/EEA.

You have certain statutory rights that you may enforce towards the Company. Below please find a summary of these rights. You may find the complete information about your rights in the General Data Protection Regulation, chapter 3-5.
(a) The right of access/registry insight. You have the right to know whether the Company processes personal data about you. If that is the case, you have the right to be informed, among other things, of which personal data is being processed, the purposes of the processing, which external recipients have access to your personal data, and for how long your personal data will be retained.

(b) The right to data portability (only one-man businesses). If you are a customer and a one-man business, you have the right to obtain a copy of the personal data, you have provided

The Company must provide you with the data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to demand that the Company transfers these personal data to another data controller. The right to data portability applies to personal data, which is processed automatically, and which is based on your consent or on an agreement, in which you are a party.
(c) Correction of inaccurate information. You have the right to request that the Company corrects inaccurate or incomplete information about you.
(d) Deletion of certain information. You have the right to demand that the Company deletes your personal data under certain conditions, for example that the personal data is no longer needed for the purpose, for which we collected them.

(e) The right to object to the Company's processing of personal data. Under certain conditions you have the right to object to the Company's processing of your personal data.

(f) The right to object to direct marketing. You have at any time the right to object to the Company’s processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. If you object to such processing, the Company must without undue delay cease all direct marketing to you.

(g) The right to limit the processing of your personal data. You have in certain conditions the right to request a limitation of the Company's processing of your personal data. If you have, for example, disputed that your personal data is correct, you may require a limitation of the processing for the period until the Company has had an opportunity to determine if the personal data is correct.

(h) Complaints. If you wish to complain about the Company's processing of your personal data, you have the right to file such a complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency.

Please contact the Company at, if you wish to obtain registry insight, data portability, correction, deletion, objection or limitation.

The Company reserves the right to change this privacy policy. If such changes are made, you will be informed by e-mail.




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